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Who said work out gear can’t be cute? If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m a huge proponent for workout clothes and everything fitness in general. While I love buying cheap workout gear from Forever21 and Target, I strongly suggest in investing in Nike and Under Armour. Nike has seriously been stepping up their game in the past year or so, making really dynamic and cute clothes. I have a few Forever21 tanks/shorts that I’ve been wearing for about 1.5  years and the threading and quality of the material is undone (surprise surprise). My Under Armour shirts and leggings that I’ve had for 2 years are still in great condition and the dry-fit material is amazing. There is a reason why it’s so expensive!

 My tips on what/how to purchase:

  1. Wait for the sales on Nike.com. Usually they have an additional 20% off sale items which makes your workout gear just as cheap as Forever21/Target prices
  2. Invest in good socks-SERIOUSLY! I didn’t know the power of good socks until I started to run/train for races. Make sure they are polyester so that your feet can breathe. I only buy socks with the back –lip so that my ankles won’t rub against the back of the shoe.
  3. Buy pieces that you can mix and match. I have about 4 black spandex shorts that I can mix and match with my neon dry-fit tops. I don’t want to look like a glow in the dark Starburst when I’m at the gym but I do want to have some fun so I mix and match neon with black.

 Nike products pictured above:
shirt  |  jacket  |  leggings  | shorts | socks  |  shoes

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