Wishlist Wednesday: Powder Blue & Pastel Pink

awefawefHey everyone! Sorry for the absence in posts. I was away in sunny SoCal for a week for Chinese New Year’s and was stuffing my face with all the food I could get my hands on. Trip post + outfits coming soon 🙂

We all know that every season Zara comes out with that one staple piece every fashion blogger has to have. The assymetrical skort, the ankle strap heels, and now the Powder Blue Mohair Coat. This coat brings together two trends seamlessly: powder blue + oversized coats. This gorgeous color has been on fire the past winter season, during NYFW, and for the spring season to come. Having a chic, yet warm winter coat is a necessity, especially with all the cold weather we’ve been experiencing. Since you’re going to be all bundled up and hide all the layers, why not make your outer layer the most fashionable?

Another color that has been running fashion world is this gorgeous pastel pink color. I’ve never been much of a pink girl, let alone pastel pink (I’m more into fuschia), but I’m loving how chic and feminine this color is.

Disclaimer: I’d like to take credit for predicting this pastel frenzy. My first AIM screenname in 6th grade was babypinknblu…

Blue coat- Zara
Pink coat- Top shop
Pink Blouse- Tibi
Pumps- Giuseppe Zanotti
Pink skirt- Tibi

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