Week in Photos: Food, food, and more.

I absolutely love smoothies. And spinach in any form. After eating way too much the past two weeks I’m going to start a strict (hopefully!) smoothie/juice dinner diet. I can’t cut out meals from my diet completely so I decided just to do it for dinner for a week…wish me luck!

Tried out Tackle Box in Georgetown for the first time. I actually haven’t ventured into a lot of Georgetown restaurants (I’ve only been to a select handful). We got raw oysters and little neck clams. It was good but nothing to die for.

 Depotted some mint roots that have been growing as weeds in WP’s backyard. I was so close to actually buying a plant from the store but now that I’ve found a treasure trove of mint plants for free…
 My wonderful girlfriend brought me back the ever coveted Chicken and Rice from NY! I couldn’t join in on the festivites this weekend and was super bummed about it so this was a little piece of solace. I’ve been craving it for 1.5 years…yum 🙂
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  • Christina Wu June 4, 2013 at 5:15 PM

    Yay for chicken and rice! 🙂 And we also have wild mint plants growing in our backyard… whenever we mow the lawn it smells like toothpaste exploded everywhere.


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