Week in Photos: Food, Food, and a little more.


Happy Monday Everyone!

I’ve found that when I try to title my Week in Photos posts, the common word that comes up is FOOD. What can I say, I’m a huge foodie and love it just as much as I do fashion (if not more…yikes!).

I received my cute, strawberry tea strainer from Amazon. It was less than two dollars and although it isn’t as sturdy as I would like it to be, it gets the job done for my loose leaf tea πŸ™‚

WP and I celebrated Pepero Day on 11.11 and tried green tea pepero for the first time. They were so delicious…too bad they are $4 a box for 12 little sticks!


Went to Matchbox in Merrifield to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Most of the table got pizzas but I was craving a burger. Instead of getting the bistro burger, WP and I got the 9 mini sliders to share and barter for pizza slices πŸ™‚ We got three types of cheese, gouda, gorgonzola, and mozzarella. So good. So good.Β wafwfawfeawfeawfewefAnd to end our food filled weekend, WP and I finally went to Lotus Garden in Vienna. All my closest girlfriends rave about this place and the knife-cut noodles. For less than $10 a bowl I definitely wanted to try it out. I got the roasted duck knife cut noodles (pictured on bottom right) and WP got the spare ribs knife cut noodles. The noodles itself were really chewy and good as well as the duck. The soup base was really, really, bland so I had to add a lot of salt, white pepper, and sate chili oil to make it suitable for my taste. Granted, I love my food extremely spicy and salty but I feel like for any average persons tastebuds the soup would be less than bland. Β The shining star of the night were the chicken wings! After dating WP I’ve grown this uncanny affection towards fried chicken wings since he likes them so much. These were probably the most tastiest, crispiest, saltiest, garlic-y est chicken wings I’ve ever had.

And to cleanse my body from all the eating, I prepared this light and easy sesame-ginger soba noodle dish for Sunday lunch. Just mix in soba noodles, sesame-ginger sauce, cut up veggies and call it a day πŸ™‚ (P.S. can you believe I took that photo on my phone?!)

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