Week in Photos: Fall Ready


The weather in the DMV area has been quite interesting to say the least. Just when I thought I was ready to pull out all my booties and jackets, mother nature decides to turn back to 90 degree weather over the weekend. I’m not complaining because I get to squeeze out the last bits of my summer to fall transition wardrobe.

I started my weekend off with a quiet night in with Chipotle. I’m the most obnoxious when it comes to my chipotle order because I need extra rice (to save for a full leftover serving for the next day), and I get all the toppings. Then I mix the bowl up and stuff it into a tortilla so it literally looks like I ordered a burrito and a bowl for myself. WP and I watched World War Z and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It wasn’t drop my jaw amazing but it was still a pretty good movie and I’m assuming there is a sequel because the last line of the movie is, “this is just the beginning.”


Gotta pay the good-big-sister dues and ship off a box of Korean goodies to my baby sis in Boston. I remember being in college and craving Korean snacks and not being able to go buy them. Hopefully she won’t eat this all in one sitting.

On Saturday a bunch of friends and I went apple picking at Homestead Farm. We’ve been saying “lets go apple picking!” for about a year now and we finally decided to go-and with our luck it was quite possibly the hottest day of the weekend! My friend remembered coming to Homestead when she was younger to apple pick so we decided to drive up to Maryland. I only picked Joangold and some Fujii apples and was more excited about the fresh vegetables that they sold. I ended up getting a bunch of cherry tomatoes, green tomatoes, and orange tomatoes. I’ve been extremely obsessed with tomatoes recently and these were absolutely sweet and delicious.

After apple-picking, we went to King of the Wings which is basically a “battle of the wings” in Northern Virginia, hosted by NOVA magazine and Specialicious. The first round was held in Fairfax Corner and they had wings from Bonchon (my favorite), Primetime, and Glory Days. The Glory Days wings were god-awful and it tasted like they just slabbed on hot paste onto a cooked wing. The Primetime wings (apple habanero and jamaican jerk), were much more flavorful but some of my wings were extremely undercooked and raw.


Ended the week by accessorizing Yogi. He was not pleased.


Hope you all had a great, eventful, and relaxing weekend!

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