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Hello everyone!

It was a very eventful and fun+food filled week. I feel like I gained 10 extra pounds of fat and increased my cholesterol level 10x what it normall should be…

Took my parents + sister to Hot Spot in Fairfax, VA. This was my third time going and sadly, I have to say that I probably won’t be going back. I had 2 free LivingSocial vouchers that I used so it was worth getting a huge discount for this meal. I’m not a fan of gorging myself with hot soup until my taste buds die from accidentally biting into a peppercorn (if you haven’t done it yet…don’t try!) Even though there is a PLETHORA of things you can order from scallops (imitation), beef, vegetables, towards the end of the meal I was only ordering the vegetables because that’s what seemed “safe” to eat. Don’t get me wrong, the first time I went to Hot Spot I thought it was amazing- 1, because there is no other restaurant in the vicinity like it and 2, because unlimited scallops and seafood seemed appealing. But now the quality of the food seems poor-er and I will probably only go back if other friends are going.

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I rarely win at carnival games but I won a giant sized donut at Kings Dominion! The best part? It only cost A QUARTER! That’s right, I didn’t get gipped of my money AND I won an awesome new toy for Yogi. It was quite the feat trying to stick 8 people + 2 donuts (my friend also won one) + 2 basetballs into one car on the ride back…

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Started a new love affair with Trader Joe’s. I lived 2 miles away from one for the past 10 years and I never stepped foot into it because I thought the food would be overpriced and all organic like Whole Foods- boy was I wrong. Trader Joe’s has an amazing selection of food, wine, cheese, snacks, AND the best part is, it’s cheap!

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It’s funny how whenever I blog about a “Wishlist Wednesday” item…I feature it as a purchase a few posts afterwards! I finally got my hands on these Nike Roshe Run shoes (Hot Punch / Storm Pink). There were only two colors I was coveting, these neon pink babies which are an older model and rarely sold online, and the Black/Sail ones that are sold out online as well. When I found these online, and in my size and for a reasonable price…I knew I had to jump on the opportunity. These shoes are the most comfortable things my feet have ever experienced. But contrary to it’s name, I highly do not recommend getting these shoes for running because they simply do not provide the support. The story behind this shoe is simple…literally. The design was made so that it could be a stylish, yet versatile shoe. You can walk, run, chill, barefoot, socks, etc, but if you’re looking for a marathon shoe this is not it (I recommend Nike Air Pegasus). For more about the design story of the Nike Roshe Run, click here.

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Went fishing to celebrate a friend’s birthday at Choptank, Maryland. I had to pick up a fishing pole and of course it had to be with style! I caught 4 fish, didn’t get sunburned, and had a blast.

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Fishing followed by crab-eatting is only necessary! WP and I had the hardest time deciding whether we should split a dozen large or order 2 dozen mediums…we went with 2 dozen mediums and although we could have probably avoided over-indulging ourselves, crabs are crabs and they are yum. It probably didn’t help that we had 3 pounds of Hot n Juicy Crawfish 2 days before this…

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Finished the week with some cool, refreshing soba.

And to close, I transferred by blog from Blogger to WordPress! No more adventureinheels.blogspot.com, only adventureinheels.com. I definitely have a newfound respect for all those bloggers, website designers, coders. I thought I was pretty tech-savvy because I customized my own HTML for the xanga/myspace and even Blogger days…but WordPress is an entirely different story. I’m still learning but I’m loving it so far!

xoxo, jojo

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