Week in Photos

WP was craving sushi so it was the perfect opportunity to finally try to make some rolls at home. My favorite fish are salmon, fatty white tuna, and salmon roe. A little pack of salmon roe was $15!!! Skipped out on that…maybe next time.
picked up some spring bling 🙂 love the pastel one on the right.
finally tried out Weiner’s Circle in Herndon, VA. You can’t even see the hot dog in this picture! I had the Fried Chili-mac Dog (a heart atttack in hot dog form). It had wedges of mac and cheese deep fried with chili cheese spread on top. They also have a huge condiment bar of all sorts of peppers and hot sauces. My dream come true.
Friday afternoon pick me up: Gelato. Pistachio is my ultimate favorite.
Showered and conditioned the fur ball after he rolled around in mud and sand during a kickball/bbq event Sunday. He smelled like oatmeal vanilla and felt exactly like a brand new pillow pet 🙂


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