Trend Alert: The Leather Skirt


3.1 Philip Lim $800 | John Lewis $200 | Miss Selfridge $36 | Forever21 $11

I’ve been searching for the perfect, flared-out leather skirt for quite some time now (at least 2 years!). I still haven’t found one that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t look like I’m wearing half a trash bag. Here are a few of my tips for when shopping for a leather skirt:

  1. Make sure that the faux-leather/leather looks like it’s good quality!  This is a given.
  2. I find that flares are better than pleats. Pleated leather skirts look like they are less expensive and the flared look is just a little more polished to me.
  3. Find a skirt that sits right above below your waist and right above your hips. You don’t want a high-waisted skirt, nor do you want a flared mini skirt that sits at your hips.

Let me know if you have found your perfect leather skirt and where!


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