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I swear I’m not sponsored by Nike or anything (I wish), but my ultimate favorite running shoes are all from Nike and I wanted to express my opinions on three of the best running shoes they are currently carrying. Let’s start with a little long background story of how I got into running and why I’m obsessed with Nikes.

I’ve always been running at the gym since highschool throughout college but mostly for diet/health purposes, and never to train for anything. I ran 2-3 miles on the treadmill and never ran outside because I would always get shin splints. Because of this, I never thought of doing any races because they are all held outside, duh. About a year ago, WP decided that one day he wanted to sign up for a half marathon/triathalon/be super ambitious and not do much training. A couple months later, I followed suit and bought my first pair of REAL running shoes, the Nike Pegasus 29+. I say “real” because these were the first pair of shoes I actually went to a store and got fitted for. Being a fashionista slash a girl, of course we want our sneakers to look cute while we work out at the gym. Previous to the Pegasus 29, I had a pair of Nike Frees, Zoom Sisters, In Seasons, and another Nike Pair I cannot remember (and yes, I was rotating these all at the same time). I was mostly using my Frees, Zoom Sisters, and “other pair” for running at the gym, and the In Seasons for walking around because it doesn’t have much support (because they literally have a jelly cushion in them that is so amazing). When I tried the Pegasus 29 on, it literally felt like my feet were being engrossed by clouds and I realized what I was missing out on.

Why did it take me so long to get fitted? Because 1, like I said earlier, as a shopaholic/consumerist, I want my shoes too look cool and represent me, and I was not gonna have it with the mesh-style ugly running shoes (no offense to those brands because the shoes are actually great). And 2, because I didn’t realize the important of running shoes. After I came to this realization, I then realized that I was running wrong–>running wrong leads to shin splints –>shin splints leads me to think I can’t run outside–>thinking I can’t run outside deters me from doing races. (Side note: you’re not supposed to run heel to toe, you’re supposed to run mid foot–watch a video here)

WP continued to run and partake in a half marathon, and I continued to run and partake in 5k’s. I wanted to continue my running  journey in hopes of running a full marathon–yes a whole 26.2 miles–sometime in my lifetime so I signed up for the Baltimore Marathon Team Relay (7 miles) this past weekend, and the Run for the Parks 10K (6 miles) in about 3 weeks. I had done a decent amount of training but the most I ran was 6 miles and I wasn’t pushing myself to better my mile time. I finished my leg 4 by running 7.5-7.75 miles with a roughly 10 minute mile but was hoping to reach my goal of 9:30. Granted, I had to wait in line to take a pee break because I had to pee so bad during my first 2 miles…I feel like if I didn’t have to do this, I would have run faster in those first two miles and could have avoided the 5-10 minute pee break.

Since I’ve conquered the 5k and 10k, the next step for me is the half marathon which I feel like I can fully do. After 7 miles I was feeling great and felt like I could run more. Something that WP always told me when I was doubting my running stamina was that “it’s all mental” and it truly is. One sign I saw when I was running was, “when you can’t run with your feet, run with your heart.”

A race that I’ve been wanting to run since last year was the Nike Women’s Half. Inspired by the #werunsf to #werundc, I was introduced to this race by a dear friend/mentor of mine a couple years ago who is originally from California. We both plan to enter into the raffle this year and run it together, and end up with a Tiffany’s necklace at the finish line 😉 For more information, go to the facebook page here and good luck to all those in SF running it next week!

Now that I’ve finished my long story, let’s get to the real stuff that you initially started reading this post for. I truly believe that every runner should go get fitted, and bite the bullet of 100$ shoes and sacrifice the look factor. If the right shoe for you ends up looking very cool, good for you! But if the right shoe ends up being something you hate…well then I’ve got nothing for ya :/

Nike Pegasus 30: This is the 30th model of this running shoe so you know that with trial and error it’s gotta be good after 30 years. It’s been on my radar ever since it came out (in the coral/grey colorblocked color) because it’s the next generation of my current running shoe that I love. The cushion is unbelievable and while it may be bulky for first-time users, it really has helped change my running form. For those looking for an extreme cushion and neutral ride, this is the PERFECT shoe for you.

Nike Lunarglide 5: This is a great stability shoe. If you want to read more about stability vs. neutral, click here. As a stability shoe, it’s much harder than the Pegasus because they don’t have much support. Although it is more stability, it is still pretty neutral so it’s a great fit for those looking for less cushion and still lightweight. I personally love the look of this shoe and we’ll consult with the experts later to see if this might be the next shoe for me.

Nike Flykit Lunar1: A little mix of both, on the Nike Website this is listed as a neutral shoe. With less cushion than the Pegasus, when I tried these it felt like a hybrid of the Pegasus and the Lunarglide, which actually may be perfect for me later on. With a little bit more stiffness in the cushion, these are still extremely lightweight. The thing that attracted me the MOST to this shoe is the sleek design and the fit. The upper is much more fitted to the top of my foot than the Pegasus, probably because it’s less bulky and more fitting.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my running story and my opinion about these great shoes. Like always, these opinions are my own and they are obviously structured around my own judgement and experiences. If you can run a marathon in Nike Frees, Vibrams, or even barefoot (which I saw someone do last weekend), that is your own choice to make. I would love to know if you have a running story and what shoes you are currently loving!


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