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For some reason, this post ended up showcasing all the gifts I’ve received from WP over the past three years. I originally wanted to show an outfit showing off my new Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti pendant I got from my birthday and my new ankle strap shoes, but then the accessories that perfectly fit this outfit ended up being gifts from WP as well.




One item that you probably haven’t seen a lot on this blog are jeans. I haven’t bought a new pair of jeans in about…3 years. I just never liked them after highschool because they were too uncomfortable for me. Now one of my absolute favorite looks that I see on blogs are jeans, heals, a white tee, and a simple necklace. I found these jeans in my sister’s room because I was looking for a cami. But then I found these Levi’s skinny jeans that she left behind. They are mine now! score.


shirt: Korea   |   pants: Levi’s    |   purse: Kate Spade (from WP)

watch: Michael Kors (from WP)   |   bracelets: Pandora (from WP)

shoes: BCBG via Marshalls (love these from Lulu’s)

necklace: Tiffany’s (from WP)


I got these BCBG shoes from Marshalls for only 40$ and I knew they had to come home with me. They are perfect for both work and a night out and they perfectly match my Kate Spade bag.


Both the Michael Kors watch and the Pandora bracelets were also gifts from WP (I am such a lucky girl). I realized that after receiving the Tiffany’s necklace that I really gravitate towards gold jewelry, beacause I couldn’t find enough silver to accessorize with. All my rings are gold, but for some reason, all my bracelets are silver. I’m definilty on the lookout for great quality but affordable silver rings so leave a comment with your recommendations!


 I’ve wanted a initial necklace for the longest time and I’m so happy that I got one in a blue box. Thank you WP!!<3

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