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Today’s post is a little different because I wanted to share something a little more heartfelt with you guys. A friend asked me to take on the #standwithme challenge, which was to share a product that you love that is made in a fair & humane way. A lot of times, fashion people just buy and buy and buy without knowing where the product has come from- I certainly do. This request could not have come at a more perfect time because I had initially planned on doing a brand spotlight on one of my favorite brands, Dogeared, which after more research, is coincidentally a sustainable hand-crafted jewelry company!

So a little background into why I love Dogeared: they mastered the “dainty” jewelry on the DOT, their jewelry does not tarnish, and each piece has a short and sweet meaning that goes a long way. My favorites (pictured) are the Karma necklace because the circle design is so simple, and the Faith necklace. You can read more about Dogeared’s story here, and I encourage all of you to research more about your favorite brands and see what companies offer sustainable products!

Now, on to the event: #standwithme is a new documentary that centers around an amazing young girl from the San Francisco area who dared to dream she could use a lemonade stand to free 500 children from slavery. The documentary examines the realities of modern-day slavery, the role we play in it as consumers, and the importance of knowing the story behind what we buy. I was extremely touched after watching the trailer and will be attending the DC screening next week on March 5th 7:30 PM in Georgetown. For more information, check out the links below and I’d love if you attended!



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