Spring Breeze

This picture/colors reminds me of the west coast for some reason…but you DC friends know exactly what this bridge leads to…Georgetown!
WP and I haven’t been out and about to hangout in so long so we decided to meet another couple at Tackle Box in Georgetown. We got raw oysters and little neck clams and it didn’t disappoint but it didn’t amaze. It was nice however, just to walk around, enjoy the weather, and snag a mint assymetrical dress from Urban Outfitters for $20!! (original price $150!). I just envision myself wearing this mint dress to a future wedding…probably one of the three we have to attend in the fall. 
Sidenote: I’ve had side bangs since 10th grade and now I’ve finally become more comfortable growing them out. Right now they are in the awkward stage of looking like ugly pieces of seaweed on the side of my head…what to do…
Please excuse the wrinkly feet and pay attention to the gorgeous metallic detailing. Love these shoes.

skirt: urban outfitters
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  • Sarah Lim June 4, 2013 at 1:25 PM

    I am loving the flowy skirt with a simple top. Looks great!


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