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I’m trying to do these instagram updates weekly but it’s so hard to catch up on posts on a Monday morning. Hopefully from now on I’ll post my weekly updates (actually weekly), but follow my instagram for quick updates on fashion, FOOD, and daily life pics 🙂

I thought I had hinted that I wanted a blue box for the past two years but I guess subtly doesn’t really work for guys 😛 WP FINALLY (hehe) got me a blue box and I was like a little kid in the candy store. I could do without the Tiffany & Co statement necklaces so I’m glad he knows me well enough to NOT get me those things. I’ve been wanting an initial necklace for the longest time and this is PERFECT 🙂 <3


After picking up my Tiffany necklace we went to Sushi-Ko in Chevy chase. I had the chirashi box (like always), and we also had the grilled octopus appetizer. So good, so good.


This past weekend was my birthday weekend and I’m so glad I was able to spend it with my friends + loved ones. It was pretty obvious what I wanted as gifts and I’m so glad that my best girlfriends got me the ipod shuffle so I can just clip it on my shirt when I run outside. They also gifted me this adorable Ariella ring. It reminds me of the infinity symbol but not quite.


Attended Virgin Mobile Freefest on Saturday and it was more like Floodfest. It would have been so much more fun had the weather been like Friday and Sunday’s weather. 


Tried to make my own home-made Cava grill lunch. It was good and healthy, but still no Cava.


Hosted a samgyupsal party and made my infamous Korean salad to accompany the meats. It’s really simple but for some reason, people love it!


Found the pomegranate gel cream to add to my Korres collection of moisturizers at Marshalls. The best thing about this was that it was $7 !!! Crazy. It was obviously pricetagged wrong, but I’m not complaining!

Hope you all had a great September!

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