Red Bridge

jacket: hm

pants: hm
shoes: converse
rings: forever 21 + diy
bag: gifted
This is an extremely belated post for the outfit I wore in North Carolina last weekend. WP and I wanted to go on a road trip and wanted to start small with a 4-5 hour drive. This limits us to either North Carolina or Pennsylvania…the research triangle it is! We stopped by Duke Gardens (where the red bridge photos were taken), NC Chapell Hill, and Raleigh. When I say all we did was eat…all we did was eat. Besides a flea market and walking around Franklin St…all we did was eat. Pictures are below, follow me on instagram: adventureinheels to see more of my food adventures 🙂
first stop: Buku, global food from around the world. Some beef dish that I didn’t care for, papaya salad with prawns, thai soup that tasted like a mix of tomyum+ panang curry (YUM), and mexican corn with guacamole slaw and hot chile peppers.
ACME: fish, fried green tomatoes, eggplant slaw
peruvian purple corn drink at Maccu Pichu (Chica Morada)
@NanaTaco: lamb cheek, pulled pork, duck, chicken liver, and pork belly. with guacamole of course.
@ Maccu Pichu- fish, scallops, shirmp cecive marinated in yellow peppers Leche de Tigre sauce
@ Maccu Pichu- JALEA!!! my favorite dish! This was seriously the size of my keyboard. Fried to perfection fish, scaloops, calamari, mussesls, yucca on top of a bed of lettuce and salsa criolla.

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