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Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share a a few beauty secrets with you all for the holiday season. One question I get a lot from my friends is what mascara I’m using for long, curly, lashes (particularly for Asian lashes). Fortunately, I was blessed with medium-lenth lashes, by no means super long, but I work with what I have! Unfortunately, a lot of people I know have short, sparse lashes that do not keep a curl.

The History:

I have probably tried a total of 10-15 mascaras so far in my life and in comparison to how many have been out in the market, that is such a small percentage. I was lucky enough to find my holy grail mascaras with little test and try and the three above are my forever favorites.  The first mascara that really worked for my Asian lashes was Shiseido’s Lasting Lift Mascara that was discontinued. This mascara was seriously MADE for Asian lashes because it held up my curl and made it look like I  had false eyelashes on. After it was discontinued, I googled “dupes” for this mascara and found that a lot of people used Apple Mascara. Now I did try this out for a while and even tried about 5 out of the 12 they offer. Each of them worked great and still held up my curl but after a few years in college I felt that using a 2-3$ mascara that was shipped only from Mexico wasn’t as safe.

A few years ago, I came across Maybelline One by One and the Falsies because Xteener raved so much about them on her youtube videos (review here). I bought both of them from Ulta with the buy 1 get 1 50% off and $3.50 off a $10 purchase so they were really quite affordable (both deals are ongoing right now as well!). I instantly fell in love with this duo and have been layering on these mascaras for a few years now.

The Verdict:

What’s important to me is that my lashes are separated, yet lengthened and volumized (a little too much to ask for everything? Haha). One by One goes on first to separate and lengthen my lashes. Then the Falsies goes on to add volume and intensity. You can stop there but after getting Benefit’s They’re Real in my Sephora Birthday gift, I started added a third layer of this mascara because it really adds the intensity.

Picture below shows only 1 coat of One by One and two coats of the Falsies. asdfasfdasfsa

Mascara 101:

  • Waterproof Mascaras will hold a curl better than non-waterproof
  • Don’t be afraid to layer two different mascaras or more!
  • Find a brush type that works for your lashes
  • Everybody has their own preference, so it’s not always one size fits all!

I hope you all enjoyed this beauty post and let me know if you want to know some more of my beauty tips! I am by no means a beauty guru all opinions are from my own experience 🙂 Let me know if you have any holy grail mascaras that are worth trying!

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  • Liberty On Less November 26, 2013 at 10:28 AM

    Love these tips! I’m currently between a couple different brands and I’ve been debating trying “they’re real” and I might have to now!


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