Hello lovelies! To all my friends who keep badgering me about the lack of posts, here is a post for you! For someone who never wears jeans, I have quite a collection. Anyone can attest that during the winter I live in leggings and tights. But these maroon, ankle zipper jeans make it easy to wear jeans and have sparked a beginning of yet another collecting obsession. I like my jeans to fit right at the ankle, very skinny, and not navy denim. I picked up the tan lace-up oxford wedges during a lunch break a few weeks ago…AT TARGET! On sale for $20–comfy and such a steal 🙂

8 thoughts on “Maroon Zipper Pants.

  1. Loving this post. So fabulous!

    I’m hosting a $100 gift card giveaway on the blog. Hope you can enter!
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  2. Great post, joanne. I’m really glad I checked out your blog. You have such wonderful style! Those maroon pants look awesome. I like my jeans to fit the exact same way. And you’re totally right about Coach. I hated the C print they had going on, but their new items are so cute! Do you have twitter by the way? It’d be great to keep in touch there too!

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  3. love your shoes! nice outfit. Thumbs up
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    Would you like to follow each other via GFC, FB,Twitter or Bloglovin´?
    Will be my pleasure 🙂


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