Coach Legacy

top + rings: forever21
jacket + bracelets + pants: hm
shoes: mossimo
bag: coach legacy candace carryall
photos by: lara

So I must say luck has been on my side for the past couple of months. I won two DSW Shoesday contests, I won a free lobster out of a claw machine from Chasin Tails, AND I was one of probably 7 girls who got a free Coach Legacy Bag from my CEO as my secret santa gift.

Those who know me know that I was never a fan of Coach purses/wallets- was not a fan of the huge C logos everywhere. When they revamped their entire style and came out with the Legacy Collection I was pleasantly surprised. They took it back to the classic vingtage Coach look that I love-it’s simple and focuses on the leather. Their new Saffiano tote collection is also great as well. Even though I personally would never buy myself a Coach, I’m sure as hell happy that I got this one!

I lucked out (again) to get a color that I wanted/needed. I’ve been on the search for a beautiful brown leather bag and low and behold I got lucky with getting this color instead of black or tan (which I already have in my Kate Spade Varrick Abbey st- shown in my previous post).

Let me know what you think of the new direction Coach has taken and what are your favorite pieces from the Legacy/Saffiono collection?


P.S. hope everyone stays safe from snowquester!


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