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It’s been a while since I uploaded a Week in Photos, mainly because the month of August was crazy for me, hence the lack in posts. I started a new job, went to NY, sent off WP to Europe, and will soon be going to Boston to send off my sister to BC. So I decided to do a very long photo-intensive post for the month of August. To see my daily snapshots make sure you follow me on Instagram! ID: adventureinheels


WP and I tried out Blue Ocean in Fairfax, Virginia for the first time. You can read an in depth Yelp review of my visit but long story short, the food was great and the experience was great but we both had bones in our salmon! Not so great. I really wish we didn’t experience that because everything otherwise would have made this a great go-to sushi place. They had yummy yakitori and chicken skin which I tried for the first time and gave you plenty of sashimi.


Made a spicy tex-mex quinoa soup using Oh She Glow’s awesome recipe! I’m actually quite noob-y when it comes to make soups because the taste just never comes out the way I want it. I loaded this soup up with tons of spices and the right toppings and it was oh so delicious. It’s healthy and hearty and definitely recommend it!


Tried Smashburger for the first time. I had the spicy jalepeno burger because of course everything in my life has to be spicy. The burger was average and I would still prefer a Five Guys Burger any day of the week but the fries that were seasoned with rosemary and olive oil were amazing. If I’m craving some greasey fries I would go to Five Guys. If I’m craving some good, seasoned fries, Smashburger is the way to go.




Received tons of goodies from my sister who came back from Korea! I don’t care if you bring me back clothes, my two main picks from Korea have to be stationary/pens and skin care. I am SUCH a sucker for both. I currently have 4 sets of colored pens that I need to use…call it an obsession :X


Started to train for my 10K in November and Baltimore Marathon Relay in October. I’m not a fan of running, but more of a goal seeker which prompted me to sign up for these races. I was never a long distance runner so I wanted to start small before I actually run a marathon (hopefully within the next few years!). Coincidentally, I have weddings to attend after I run 6-7 miles on both of these days…it’s gonna be a longgggggg race day! I decided to make training fun by printing out a calendar from Runaway Mom’s 10K schedule and tweaked it to my personal preference.


Went to NY for 4 days to visit some of my closet friends and packed only a North Face backpack and a Kate Spade purse. A HUGE feat for the overpacker.


Picked up Milk Ice cream with frosted flakes at Momofuku’s milk bar.


A trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete without brunch. (at Cafe Orlin)


Went on a booze cruise the first night and saw Lady Liberty.


I needed new eye drops and decided to get these Rohto ones that I’ve heard so much about. I heard they sting and instantly cool and whiten your eyes. They were on sale for 3.50 at Walgreens so I decided to pick some up for WP and my sister as well. I tried the Ice drops yesterday and I nearly scratched my eye ball out because it was so painful. I am not one to tolerate pain. I can withstand the COOL green eye drops and I think thats as much pain as I can take.


Went to the Redksins vs. Bills preseason game with some of my favorites. Cannot wait until Football season starts up! It’s one of my favorite aspects of fall 🙂

I hope everyone had a great August like I did and is ready for September! I’ll be in Boston this weekend and will post all my food adventures so make sure you follow me via instagram!

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