Week in Photos: July 4th

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing 4th of July weekend J It’s definitely hard to be back at work (a full work week at that) after having a 4-day weekend full of eating, drinking, and hanging out with friends.
I painted my nails for the occasion and pulled out my old Konad Nail Art kit. I haven’t used this in about 4 years so stamping the stars onto my ring finger took about 10 tries before I was satisfied.


Pulled out one of my favorite salad recipes: California Pizza Kitchen’s Thai Crunch Salad. It’s seriously my favorite salad and I’m so happy that I can remake this at home. After tries and tries over the past few years I think I’ve got it nailed down 😉 It’s light enough with the home-made lime cilantro dressing and peanut sauce drizzled but it definitely keeps you content with all the different ingredients and textures in the salad. I cut up and shredded up the ingredients and stored them in mason jars so that I could easily assemble this salad throughout the week. A full recipe post will be up later!

Along with the 4th of July weekend festivities, two of my friends had birthday parties this weekend. We went to Rock Bottom Brewery for a birthday lunch and stopped by Tout de Sweet to pick up some delicious macarons and TenRen for some White Raspberry Bubble Tea. I was definitely pampered like a princess that day by WP even though it wasn’t my bday J

Picked up the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and I’m loving it! I’ve been due for an upgrade since last July and was waiting for my S2 to die out on me. Well speak of the devil because as soon as I said that on Friday, my phone broke Saturday morning. I was considering this phone, the HTC ONE, or wait until September for the iPhone 5S. Having been an Android user for 4 years, I gravitated towards the HTC ONE and SG4 because of the design and functionality. What really pushed me towards the SG4 was the white color and the main reason being the battery life.
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Now back to reality 🙁
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