Beautiful Vday flowers from WP- he knows my favorite, purple irises and tulips!
Bought new tazo tea- Not a huge fan of the rest, but the berry blossom white tastes and smells amazing!
Endless Mimosas and Brunch Buffet @14k- need I say more?
Vday Chocolates from the company- I don’t have a sweet tooth by any means, nor am I a fan of truffles…but these just MELT in your mouth. Serious appreciation for good chocolate at $25 a box…
Finally found a new wallet. I’ve been eyeing the MK Saffiano Leather Carryall wallet since last October. When I spotted it at Nordstrom’s I only saw brown and black, but it was a good thing I didn’t purchase it for original price then. It was only meant to be when my friend found this PURPLE one on sale! Instantly fell in love with the tri-color gradient, what’s not to love? Not to mention the subtle-ness and avoidance of overbearing logos.
The Light Cube by Ai Wei Wei @ Hirshorn Museum.
Felt like cooking up a storm on Thursday night. Asparagus, parmasean tomatoes, parmasean onion orzo, with butter lemon scallops. More about these meal in a later post 🙂
Made chocolate covered strawberries for WP on vday. I thought Godiva Chocolate covered strawberries were overrated but the fine lines of the white chocolate is sometime to seriously respect! Mine came out chunky but still yummy.
And ending with a picture of the Yogi-monster 🙂

This weekend I’m going back to UVA to see a University event I was part of for the past four years. Super excited to go back as an alumni and see the school in the eyes of a graduate, but more excited to eat all the GOOD FOOD! Charlottesville ranks top 10 in the most restaurants in the city per capita- not to mention that all the restaurants have great food.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



10 thoughts on “Week in Photos

  1. The MK wallet is such a good find! I love the gradient of purple/lavender. 🙂 I agree with your view on those overbearing logos; they take away the focus from the actual product. I’m glad that you waited and found a wallet that you truly adore!

  2. Hi! thanks so much for visiting my blog! I absolutely love your photography, I felt like you were able to really capture all the highlights of your week. Love the food shots, especially 🙂

    I’d love to stay in touch and follow you on GFC/bloglovin too!

    Take care!

  3. Ah, gorgeous photos. Those flowers are beautiful. I have never tried that Berry Blossom Tazo tea, I must try it! I’m loving that MK wallet! Isn’t it great how things work… also, I am all for subtle logos.

    Oh, and your little dog is so adorable!

    ♥ Victoria

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