Monday Must Haves: Black Bottoms


Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was filled with baking, a bacon themed Secret Santa potluck, and my office holiday party in Georgetown.

I wanted to switch things up a bit and stop doing “Week in Photos” posts on Mondays because they generally just end up being my food pictures from what I ate over the weekend :p Follow me on Instagram for daily updates and funny pictures of Yogi instead! Instead of Week in Photos, I wanted to start a series of Monday Must haves that feature some of my favorite beauty and fashion items that I cannot live without.

During the winter I live in either my leather leggings, or black tights. These two are absolute staples in my closet. The first pair of leather moto leggings I bought were from Forever21 about 3 years ago and they have served me well ever since. If I could pick one best friend in my closet I would pick them because they protect me from the cold, help me look fashionable, and they are a constant go-to when I don’t know what to wear. Because they are panelled, the cotton sections were getting a little rough- you know those fuzz balls that you get on your clothes when you wear and wash them too much? I’ve been looking for about a year to replace these and am so glad to say that I found the perfect replacement from Express! I never really shop at Express but I saw these on Christine and knew that they would be perfect.

My must-have checklist for leather leggings:
thick enough to keep me warm (check)
doesn’t accentuate any flab (check)
fits like a charm (check)

The second item that I rely on during the winter are my black tights. Every girl knows how essential and annoying these little things are. You need them for your dresses but they snag every time you pull them. Now, for those who like that barely there, kinda see thru black tights look (which I appreciate at times), you’re just gonna have to be really careful not to rip a hole in those tights. But for those looking for an everyday, opaque, pair of tights that is trusted and true, I have the answer for you in Via Spiga Luxe tights!

I picked up the two pair at DSW for 15$ (actually free since I had a couple of coupons!) and was so surprised at how sturdy these tights are. I literally ran my nails and stretched these tights out and there was no damage. I don’t know what kind of magical threads Via Spiga used, but these tights will last for seasons to come. Before I would just pick up a pair of tights that were relatively cheap from H&M and would keep replacing them every time they ripped. I highly suggest in investing in these tights!

I would love to know what type of staple bottom pieces you guys wear during the winter months.

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