A Classic Hello!

Hello Everyone, and Welcome!
Out with the old, and in with the new. Upon graduation and my new real life adult type of job, my style has changed not remarkably, but significantly enough to the point where yourfashionjunkie does not describe me anymore. My before filled closet of street chic and all things sparkly has been replaced with a handful of newly acquired A-line dresses, a never-ending collection of chiffon, and more classic pieces. Of course my beloved combat boots and leather jackets will forever remain, but the main reason for creating this new blog is for me, personally, to mark a milestone in my young adult life for a few reasons. One being, of course new sense of style that has grown upon me, and second and more importantly, is to escape from the drones of my “9-5” which is really a “8-7” :(. Being overcome and stressed by work and letting it affect whatever is left of my work-life balance is a huge no-no. Hopefully going back to what I love and utilizing my two biggest investments, my clothes and my camera, will allow me to have somewhat of a peace of mind as I embark the beginning of the “real world” 🙂
So thanks for reading my shpeel, and enjoy!
I wanted to feature my favorite piece of the summer in my first blog post: a striped black and white skater dress. I absolutely love how the pattern changes at the waist, and a stand out red belt.
dress: forever 21
watch: michael kors (c/o boyfriend 😉
purse: aldo (also c/o boyfriend 😉
shoes: aldo

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